Life with Lou is here! Order your copy today!

  • The Perfect Companion to Swim Lessons
  • Introduces 10 Basic Swimming Skills
  • Promotes a Positive Relationship with the Water
  • Makes Reading FUN

Lou the ant is looking to make it big. He hopes bringing home a legendary pirates’ treasure chest stuffed full of yummy chocolate coins will do the trick. Too bad that treasure is far across the lagoon, hidden on the spooky Island of Taboo – because… Lou can’t swim! Luckily, Sam the turtle and some other special sea creatures may be able to help. Brave Lou is on his way to much more than just a chocolate treat!


Life with Lou is designed to take the reader on an inviting adventure that promotes a positive relationship with the water.  It engages children in the joy of reading, while at the same time introduces ten basic swimming skills. Follow Lou as he encourages children to use their imagination and visualize themselves doing the swimming skills, as they read the words and see the illustrations.


It is great for all types of learners- auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Learning to swim and learning to read inspire intellectual and personal growth and promote self-confidence. Life with Lou  is a must-have for all elementary classrooms, swim schools, learn-to-swim programs, after school programs, libraries and community events.

According to USA Swimming…
– Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of childhood unintentional death for children under age 14 
– 70% of African American children cannot swim
– 60% of Latino children cannot swim

– 40% of Caucasian children cannot swim
– Participation in formal swimming lessons could reduce the likelihood of childhood drowning by 88%. 

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