Teaching a Healthy Respect for the Water

28 Aug Drowning is Preventable (Swimming and Water Safety Skills #6 & #7)

Originally written for Bonbon Break in May, 2016. “Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1-4." - CDC Unintentional death. Accidental. Preventable. In most instances, drowning is preventable. I love what I do because I make people’s lives better. I help prevent drowning. For the 'Teaching a Healthy Respect...

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10 Aug Helping Your Child Feel Comfortable in Water (Swimming & Water Safety Skill #3)

Originally written for BonBonBreak in May, 2016. In my last post, EVERYONE LOVES BUBBLES, I introduced the two most important skills for learning to swim. Let’s review… Swimming & Water Safety Skill #1: Get your face wet If your child cannot do this, he will never be truly comfortable in...

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