You might be wondering, “How do I teach my child to swim?”


First you need to capture his/her interest and take away the fear.

That’s where Lou the Ant comes in. We’ve created a family-friendly, all-encompassing package that helps you introduce water safety and teaches the basics of swimming in a fun, enjoyable way. Don’t worry, we make it super easy for you!

Price: $47
Includes shipping and tax

10% of all sales is donated to Face in Water 501c3

Package that helps you teach your child how to swim

This could save your child’s life! Based on over 25 years of teaching experience, step-by-step instructions walk you through the process of teaching your child how to swim.

Teach Your Child How to Swim Package includes…

• 1 Life with Lou Children’s Book: Follow Lou as he meets new friends and learns 10 swimming and water safety skills.


• 1 Bookmark: Includes a checklist of Lou’s 10 skills.


• 1 Skills Progress Chart: Mark your child’s progress as he/she learns and demonstrates Lou’s 10 skills.


• 24 Stickers: Use these colorful stickers for the Skills Progress Chart or to add to your child’s sticker collection.


• 10 Skill Cards: These cards are waterproof! Bring them to the pool to practice Lou’s 10 swimming and water safety skills. Each card has the skill name, picture and description from the book, skill goal, tips and progression.


• 1 Water Watcher Tag: This is a waterproof tag on a lanyard, worn by a Water Watcher. A Water Watcher is a responsible adult who agrees to watch the kids in the water without distractions. After a certain amount of time (15-20 minutes), the Water Watcher card is passed to another adult, who is responsible for active supervision.


• Full streaming access to the online ‘Teach Your Child How to Swim’ Video Course for 7 days: Coming in September!
This online course is designed for parents and caregivers to work with a child in the water and teach Lou’s 10 swimming and water safety skills. Over 60 how-to videos on how to help your child progress in the water.


Price: $47
Includes shipping and tax

10% of all sales is donated to Face in Water 501c3

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